Niche Mentioned in Daily Illini

Creative writing program a launchpad for UI students’ literary voices

Daily Illini feature writer, Christian Gollayan, (other articles featured here) interviews University of Illinois’ creative writing program’s Associate Director, Steve Davenport, creative writing professor John Rubins, and Niche Editor Katya Cummins, about developing a literary voice.

Gollayan writes:

“Some artists have a variety of easels, rollers, frames and brushes, but the three things a writer needs is a pen, paper, and — most importantly — a story.

Unlike other majors, there is no special formula to writing, according to the faculty and graduates of the University’s creative writing program. It is something students must cultivate and work on. Whether they’re aspiring novelists or just trying to improve their writing, the department offers courses for anyone that wants to study the craft.

‘Story writing and narrative is something that we all do,’” said John Rubins, creative writing professor. “We all have notions of who we are and where we’ve come from and where we’re going and what kind of person we are — that’s a narrative. It’s innate; it’s instinct. So studying writing really just comes from that innate instinct that we have to give meaning to why we exist.'”


Click here read Christian Gollayan’s full article.


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